Your Dad emailed me about your substack...I used to occasionally walk with him in the mornings in LV.

Good article, interestingly, I had heard about this AI just a couple weeks ago...someone had demonstrated how it created a song in real time. Very interesting. Have you ever investigated C60 regarding health benefits and longevity? I have been consuming it for some time and experienced positive effects.

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Hey Mark! Thanks for the note and for reading my Notes. I haven't looked into C60 deeply, but I frequently read lifespan.io, and they wrote this article that C60 does not show significant improvements to lifespan or healthspan. Read more here: https://www.lifespan.io/news/c60-does-not-improve-lifespan-nor-healthspan/

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Hi Nina, thanks for the article! I think Sedeer has some good points to make, but his paper seems biased and therefore unconvincing. I agree one has to be careful with vendors...some are unscrupulous...I selected SES Research, which has been in business for 30 years and was the same vendor used in the original experiments at the University of Paris, where they were successful in the life extension of rats. Also, the team that found "no benefits" may have not replicated the original experiment exactly. Most users already know about the exposure to light issue, and is why they are kept in a dark place, like a cabinet. Most importantly, Sedeer doesn't present any people who are voluntarily taking C60 and experiencing health benefits...there are many people who are, including myself. Results are the most important of all. This makes Sedeer's conclusions unconvincing, IMO.

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