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#66: 🍄 Psychedelics As Potential Longevity Therapeutics

#66: 🍄 Psychedelics As Potential Longevity Therapeutics

Exploring the Link Between Psychedelics and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Psychedelics have applications beyond mental health. 

These "psychoplastogens," are gaining attention for their ability to promote neuroplasticity, and are stepping into the longevity arena, with potential applications in targeting issues like inflammation, oxidative stress, and blood-brain barrier disruption.

Terran Biosciences, a leading CNS-focused biotech company, is spearheading research into psychedelics for longevity with groundbreaking work including developing non-hallucinogenic versions of psychedelic therapeutics for wider clinical use.

Also in this week’s newsletter, I talk about Revolutionizing Mobility & Labor with Exosuits, highlighting exosuits from Verve Motion, ReWalk Robotics, HeroWear and cutting-edge research from Chung-Ang University offers a suit to enhance running speed

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  • 🍄 Psychedelics As Potential Longevity Therapeutics

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