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#71: 🤖 Why AI is Getting Stuck

#71: 🤖 Why AI is Getting Stuck

AI was built on cognitive science, now it’s time to incorporate neuroscience

The next big advancement in AI will be driven by neuroscience.

Neuroplasticity, emotion and learning have huge potential for future advancements in AI.

Blending AI’s computational power with neuroscience will lead us to the next level in biology-inspired computation.

I’m learning about both neuroscience and AI, while I unpack some basics on how AI can leverage neuroscience principles in my latest Nina’s Note.

💬 In this note:

  • 🤖 Why AI is Getting Stuck

  • 📚 Incognito: the Secret Lives of the Brain

  • ⚡️ An Octopus Traveling Across the Seafloor

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