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#90: 🎙️ INTERVIEW | Embracing the Power of the Female Body with Hélène Guillaume

#90: 🎙️ INTERVIEW | Embracing the Power of the Female Body with Hélène Guillaume

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In this episode my guest is Hélène Guillaume, founder and CEO of the award winning company, Wild AI.

Hélène shares her personal journey as an athlete and how she discovered the impact of hormonal fluctuations on her performance. 

Her experience as an elite athlete drove her to start Wild AI to help women optimize their training schedules based on their menstrual cycle and enhance their performance.

Hélène and Wild AI are helping close the gender data gap and are leaders in fighting gender bias inequality.

Listen to this episode to learn about how insanely powerful the female body is and how Wild AI can help women deeply understand their bodies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding and training with the female reproductive cycle can optimize performance and reduce negative symptoms.

  • There is a gender data gap in medical research and more studies need to include women to address their specific health needs.

  • The gender data gap in medical research leads to biased and irrelevant outcomes for women's health.

  • Birth control methods impact the body differently and understanding these effects can help women make informed choices.

  • Embracing the natural changes in the female body can lead to empowerment and improved overall well-being. 

  • Misconceptions and myths about women's health, nutrition, and fitness need to be corrected.

  • There is a lack of education and support for postpartum women and more research is needed in this area.

  • Advancements in technology and personalized health insights have the potential to greatly benefit women's health.

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Recommended Timestamps

  • 00:00 Introduction and Hélène’s Background

  • 05:21 Training with the Menstrual Cycle

  • 08:05 Predicting Optimal Training Schedules with Wild AI

  • 10:27 Unlocking Personal Confidence and Power through Wild AI

  • 12:25 Navigating Menopause and Aging Well

  • 21:12 Closing the Gender Data Gap with Wild AI

  • 23:16 Understanding the Effects of Birth Control

  • 26:12 The Empowering Effects of Stopping Birth Control

  • 30:42 The Gender Data Gap in Medical Research

  • 32:32 Closing the Gap with Funding and Inclusion

  • 36:43 Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes about Women's Bodies

  • 39:19 Misconceptions in Nutrition and Fitness for Women

  • 44:03 Breaking Double Standards in Sports and Fashion

  • 48:02 Understanding and Embracing Menopause

  • 53:59 The Future of Women's Health: Personalized Insights

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