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#65: ⏸️ Can We Press Pause on Menopause?

#65: ⏸️ Can We Press Pause on Menopause?

Understanding how and why ovaries age & what we can do to delay it

Menopause deserves more attention. Ovaries age twice as fast as other body tissues significantly impacting women’s health & longevity. 

Women will spend 34% of their lifetime in poor health due to menopause.

The social, economic and personal empowerment from delayed menopause would have extraordinary implications for every woman’s life and the global economy.

The economic costs of infertility and menopause are staggering, with the menopause market exceeding $14B annually, it is definitely not a “niche” market.

I dive into some of the latest research to delay menopause in my latest Note. Check it out here.

💬 In this note:

  •  ⏸️ Can We Press Pause On Menopause?

  • 📚 The Running Grave

  • ⚡️ A Simple Smartphone Guidebook

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