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#72: 📘 Guidebook: Thermal Therapy for Longevity

#72: 📘 Guidebook: Thermal Therapy for Longevity

How to use hot and cold exposure to improve health and wellness

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Thermal therapy has been used for millennia for its health benefits.

I love the sauna.

But I hate, hate, hate an ice bath.

The science is there however, and I’ve written about it in my latest guidebook containing practical tips and protocols for incorporating hot and cold therapy into your routine. 

(Even if I can’t convince myself to love an ice bath).

You can download the guidebook here:

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And, you get an extra special bonus this week.

Two books of the week!

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💬 In this note:

  • 📘 Guidebook: Thermal Therapy for Longevity

  • 📚 The Mountain in the Sea

  • ⚡️ The Excel World Championships