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#79: 📘 READ ALOUD | Guidebook: Sleep for Longevity

#79: 📘 READ ALOUD | Guidebook: Sleep for Longevity

Sleep more soundly with my guidebook and 30-day challenge

💬 In this note:

  • 📘 Sleep for Longevity Guidebook

  • 📚 Huberman Lab 6-Part Sleep Series

  • ⚡️ The Tortured Poets Department

This week I’ve created a guidebook to up your sleep knowledge and help you optimize your sleep.

In the guidebook, I cover:

  • The Science of Sleep 

  • Benefits of Deep Sleep 

  • Age-Related Changes in Sleep 

  • Sleep’s Metabolic Impact 

  • Sleep Environment Optimization 

  • Tech Tools for Sleep Enhancement

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