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#80: 🎙️ INTERVIEW | Your Rate of Aging with Michael Geer, Co-Founder of Humanity

#80: 🎙️ INTERVIEW | Your Rate of Aging with Michael Geer, Co-Founder of Humanity

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Hi Friends,   

It’s Nina’s Note #80!

In honor of this milestone, I have something new for you today, a debut interview for the Nina’s Notes Podcast. 

On this inaugural episode, I am thrilled to welcome Michael Geer, a visionary determined to redefine our approach to aging.

🎙️ INTERVIEW | Your Rate of Aging with Michael Geer, Co-Founder of Humanity

Michael Geer is the Co-Founder of Humanity.

From a young age, Michael had an ambition to not just contribute to the world but to propel humanity forward. Initially this drive led him to study aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech University to chase that dream. While he didn’t end up in space (yet!). He is on a trajectory that promises to advance humanity nonetheless.

Geer’s professional career is marked with significant accomplishments in the consumer internet industry. His work started in Moscow, creating and building, one of the world’s largest dating sites. He grew it to 70 million users from 0. 

After Badoo, he moved to AnchorFree, the leading free VPN provider. Under his guidance it went from a single-app company to a leading global protector of the internet, boasting 700 million users and generating 100s of millions in yearly subscription revenue.

Now Michael has embarked on the mission of his life by co-founding Humanity with his close friend Peter Ward.

Humanity aims to combat a vast problem: aging. Their mission is to extend the healthspan of humanity and give back 1 billion years to the world by the end of this decade.

Backed by recent scientific breakthroughs in understanding aging, Humanity positions itself as a central distributor of anti-aging solutions. This isn't just about extending life but enhancing its quality. Humanity aims to be a bridge, delivering solutions to the public and creating a feedback loop with the scientific community. 

In our conversation we discuss:

  • What led Michael to start Humanity Health

  • How Kristen Fortney, George Church and Robert Greene inspired Humanity

  • What parameters Humanity uses to calculate biological age

  • How they use routine blood test results to feed into their model for rate of aging

  • The difference between chronological age and biological age

  • How Humanity encourages their members to lower their biological age

  • Using all the data to generate feedback loops

  • Trends in Humanity’s data

  • What Michael has changed in his personal routine after starting Humanity

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